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    April 2017 Archive

    "Letting Go of Adele" - IFFBoston - Somerville Theater

    Posted Monday April 17 2017 at 2:46 pm in News

    Marty Harris -- a painter who has exhibited in the past at the Open Door Gallery -- and Adele, Marty's service dog, will be featured in a documentary called Letting Go of Adele  It's a story of the first cardiac alert team to graduate from Canine Partners for Life.  Adele has been Marty's constant companion, saving her life every day for 9 years, and the film shares an intimate look at their partnership, leading up to Adele's inevitable retirement, and what comes next for Marty.

    You can see Letting Go of Adele at Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFBoston), Somerville Theater, Sunday, April 30th, 2017 at 4:30.  The film's director Melissa Dowler, the founder of Canine Partners For Life Darlene Sullivan, and Marty Harris will have a panel discussion after the movie.

    Learn more at the film's website.

    Purchase tickets at IFFBoston's website.

    Teaching Music to Students on the Autism Spectrum Annual Conference

    Posted Thursday April 06 2017 at 4:34 pm in News

    Woman playing piano with teacher watching class=

    An innovative resource for public and private school music educators, the Teaching Music to Students on the Autism Spectrum Conference is a two-day event that will address important topics, such as:

    • Current research in Autism
    • Strategies for teaching music to individuals on the Autism Spectrum
    • How people with autism learn and perceive music
    • Working effectively with students on the autism spectrum and their families
    • Using iPads to make and create music with students on the Autism Spectrum

    The conference will take place April 28-29, 2017.  Presented by Boston Conservatory, founders of Boston Conservatory program for students on the autism spectrum.  For more information and to register, visit the Boston Conservatory website.

    Meet the Teaching Artist - Szu-Chieh Yun

    Posted Sunday April 02 2017 at 2:07 pm in Education

    Szu-Chieh Yun

    Artist Statement

    My current practice explores themes of migration, immigration and transformation with a focus on the Chinese diaspora.  As a first-generation Taiwanese-American, I am interested in the meeting of cultural identities.  Drawn from my personal experiences of crossing between distinct cultures and places, I create works in response to spaces I have traveled to, my surroundings, and in reflection of my own identity.

    Due to my experience of studying in Beijing, I became especially conscious of the boundaries of nationality and culture comprising Chinese identity.  In China, as an American of Chinese descent, I encountered being both an insider and outsider simultaneously.  Although I participate in Chinese culture my identity is only partially recognized as Chinese.

    I employ diverse methods of making by applying drawing, painting, digital photography, and sculpture.  I create spatial juxtapositions of different cultural scenes and objects to form tension and contrast thereby creating a third meaning.  My work aims to examine the effects of globalization in cultural blending, and the slipping away of cultural identity.  I am interested in dislocation between objects, people, and spaces.

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