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    Meet the Program Fellow - Lauren Shron

    Posted Wednesday October 10 2018 at 1:59 pm.
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    Lauren Shron - Program Fellow

    Hello, I'm Lauren!  I'm originally from Sudbury, MA and recently graduated in May from Syracuse University.  (And here's me in Sydney, Australia where I studied abroad for 4 months!)  This year, I'm in the Language and Literacy program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for the Ed.M. 2019 class.

    What are your favorite pastimes?
          "Dancing!  I love, love, love to dance and I teach classes in my free time.  I also enjoy making homemade popcorn and watching the Patriots! :)"

    If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?
          "Wanda from The Fairly OddParents - she is funny, she can fly and has amazing pink hair!"

    You are trapped on an island.  What three items do you want to have with you?
          "1. Pizza (YUM!)  2. Hammock (To relax and watch the waves)  3. My brother's dog named Milo (Buddy to play fetch and swim with)"

    Do you have any uncommon talents or quirks?
          "I can sing all of the states in alphabetical order, I sew blankets for family and friends, and I can make origami sail boats."

    What brings you to VSA?
          "VSA combines the two things I am most passionate about: inclusive education and the arts.  For the past four years, I studied Inclusive Elementary and Special Education and I have been a dancer and performer since elementary school.  I want to support educators to make their classrooms and practices inclusive for students of all abilities.  I believe that everyone who engages in inclusive education will benefit from it."

    What are you doing during your fellowship?
          "As a program fellow, my primary focus will be with the COOL Schools program.  I will help maintain communication within teaching teams as well as assist with data collection and social media."

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