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    Meet the Teaching Artist - Rebecca Elowe

    Posted Wednesday March 28 2018 at 3:16 pm.
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    Rebecca Elowe

    Hello!  I am Rebecca Elowe, actor/musician/educator.  As a performer and educator, I use the arts to inspire others to question, connect, and engage.  I love when art asks difficult questions, and I believe that through theatrical experiences, we learn to work together to discover possible answers.

    Rebecca Elowe

    At four years old, I decided that I wanted to be a professional violinist.  Too small for a real violin, I was first handed a homemade version - a tissue box with a toilet paper roll attached to it.  I eventually graduated to the real thing and continued to love the violin while also discovering new interests - singing, dancing, acting, and eventually circus arts.  I discovered the true extent of my passion for the arts when I realized that I could combine all of these interests into one piece of theatre.  My favorite performances integrate many forms of storytelling (movement, music, puppets, and more) and inspire a sense of play and wonder.

    Rebecca Elowe

    I recently graduated from Northwestern University near Chicago, IL, where I studied acting and Theatre for Young Audiences.  In class, I learned about Creative Drama and the benefits of a process-rather-than-product approach to arts education.  Extracurricularly, I joined a student-run theatre company, Seesaw Theatre, a group that produces original multi-sensory theatre for those with autism and other developmental differences.  Seesaw runs under the belief that theatre is a human right - everyone deserves exposure and experience with theatre.  Through acting in Seesaw productions, teaching drama workshops, and co-directing a Seesaw performance, I saw how powerful engaging all the senses can be for audiences of all ages and abilities, and I continue to implement the "Seesaw style" in performing and teaching whenever possible!

    Rebecca Elowe

    I am just beginning my residency with Condon Elementary's kindergarten classes, and I can't wait to see the original stories and characters the students will create.  I hope that by exploring these new characters and worlds, they will start to ask questions about their world.


    Rebecca Elowe is a drama educator, actor, and musician from Chicago.  She recently graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern University with a degree in Theatre and a concentration in Theatre for Young Audiences.  In Chicago, Rebecca taught drama workshops at Lifeline Theatre and sensory-friendly fine arts classes with Chicago Children's Theatre's Camp Red Kite program.  In Boston, in addition to the COOL Schools program, Rebecca works with Watertown Children's Theatre, Wheelock Family Theatre, and The Advent School's After School Program.

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