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    Meet the Teaching Artist - Christian Fusco

    Posted Saturday December 16 2017 at 8:53 pm.
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    Christian Fusco

    I am an artist-educator.  As an artist, I use anthropomorphic animals in illustrations, comics, and animations as a vehicle for self-expression, as these characters veil reality in a way I find more comfortable to make, as well as for viewers to consume.  I believe that by engaging in artmaking about one's many faces, people can explore uniquely personal realms of feeling and social understanding.

    I use my art practice as an opportunity to test my morality.  I ask myself, "What would I really do in this situation?" and often make my character choose something uncharacteristic of me, in order to ponder the potential results and repercussions.  I also work to illustrate the world around me in a way that fosters a convincing sensation of place, concerning both private and public spaces.  I explore the idea of the persona, as well as the nature of intimate spaces.

    Anthropomorphic Animal Illustration

    I teach grades 7-12 at the Dr. William W. Henderson K-12 Inclusion School in Dorchester, Massachusetts.  We typically focus on the 2D arts in our classes, recently engaging with observational, value, and contour drawing.  Soon, I will be leading a lesson with our 7th grade class in which we make children's books.  Students will reflect on what inspires them to make art, craft both text and image suitable for a younger age group, then present the book to the younger students.  Altogether, I hope students gain from their art experiences an empowered sense of self and autonomy, as well as an awareness of the value of asking questions about the world we share.

    Students painting in class

    I am passionate about learning and bridging barriers, including those created by differences in ability, age, expression, language, and culture.  I soon hope to travel to Japan in an effort to learn more about the not-oft-mentioned Eastern cultures.  I want to engage students in conversation about Japan that is not limited to what we may experience through anime and manga.

    Christian A. Fusco is expected to graduate from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA with a BFA in Art Education in May 2018.  Over the course of the program, he has worked with students and participants of diverse ages, abilities, and languages at schools, community centers, and youth programs throughout the Boston area.

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