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    Open Door Gallery

    Handmade Holiday Market Artist Spotlight - Lisa Corfman

    Posted Thursday December 17 2015 at 06:13 am.
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    Origami Crane

    Guest blog post by Lisa Corfman, an artist currently exhibiting at the Open Door Gallery's Handmade Holiday Market.  Lisa is founder and owner of Rocky Arts Unfolded.

    Find your rock!

    Becoming a successful artist is hard.  You have to find your rock, the thing that makes you unique.  Rocks endure, they symbolize forever and each one is different with its own life story.

    As an artist with a disability, origami (the art of folding paper) is my rock.  Since art is a broad topic, origami adds to my stability and creates the web of interconnectedness between my poetry, charcoal drawings, paintings, jewelry, sculpture, teachings, and my entertainment services.

    I fold paper to create jewelry with unique tiny art.  I make charcoal drawings, 77 to date, put them into an imaginative environment, each featuring a different origami model.  Each day I complete a charcoal drawing, I write a poem about the model, giving backstories to the drawings.  My audience likes color, so acrylic paintings of origami are in the works, many completed mimicking the appearance of the 77 charcoal drawings.  That leaves my sculptural pieces and services to you.

    Most of my sculptural pieces have rocks!  How?  Well, called "Origami Rocks" they are found rocks, painted gold with poetry and the matching origami adhered, becoming a garden decoration, a door holder or one beautiful paper weight.

    Another special sculptural item, the Crane of Remembrance, contains a rock.  With symbolism for peace, long life or healing, a crane is folded out of durable clear plastic and a rock or two is put inside to honor this gifted one's purpose forever.  In Jewish tradition, a stone is placed on loved one's graves; this item centers on that ritual.  Wing inserts show the cause.  The inserts are up to your imagination.  You can email an image me, you can pick a word like "Family" to write on one wing and a name like "Joseph Smith" or a company like "Rocky Arts Unfolded" on the other, and choose a personalized background color.  Submit an order form or just ask!

    Everyone deserves to have a rock in their life.  I hope I can help you find yours!

    One comment

    Thank you Jon! I am excited to be spotlighted! -Lisa Lisa Corfman (URL) - December 17 2015

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