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    Cultural Inclusion

    R.U.L.E. Wins 2nd Place at 2014 Anime Convention

    Posted Saturday April 19 2014 at 12:52 pm.
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    R.U.L.E. (Re-Uniting Losers Everyday)

    This is a guest blog post by Minh Nguyen who is one of the founding members of R.U.L.E. which is supported by VSA Massachusetts' fiscal agency Until Tomorrow Productions.  UTP's mission is to support emerging young artists/groups that include people of all abilities.  Minh also performed last year at Open Door Gallery's theatrical presentation of Kimball Anderson's "I don't get it", directed by Until Tomorrow Productions.

    R.U.L.E. (Re-Uniting Losers Everyday) received the coveted prize of best overall performance at the 2013 Anime Convention.  In 2014 they won 2nd Place in the Intermediate Division R.U.L.E. is always a crowd favorite!  R.U.L.E. also performs and presents demonstrations and workshops.

    About R.U.L.E.

    We are R.U.L.E. (Re-Uniting Losers Everyday) an inclusive, independent stunt/cinematic team founded by Tien Dao and Minh Nguyen (May 24, 2009) that specializes in martial arts, fantasy choreography, and stage combat with a mixture of video games and anime references.  Our goal is to entertain the audience and inspire them to follow their dreams while gaining recognition for the group.

    Our rehearsal includes times of seriousness, stressfulness, but at the same time having fun.  The good thing about R.U.L.E. is whether we are practicing or hanging out or maybe doing film projects, we want to have this opportunity to get together and show our love and respect as part of the family.  We want to make sure everybody is learning and having a good time.

    Our performances are exhilarating.  It's that moment when you're feeling a bit nervous before you're on stage, but then your mind clears once you enter the stage.  After our performance, we all have the feeling of wanting to do it again.

    There are times when we have difficulties.  When we are asked to perform on a short notice, we pull it off.  Sometimes there are a few first time performers in R.U.L.E, As their leader and the role model, I do my best to guide them in anyway I can because I believe in their talent and passion.  Once we enter the stage, they understand that we may need to improvise on the spot and to stay in character no matter what happens.

    Currently, we are working working on certain film projects while planning to perform at another anime convention.

    Watch on YouTube R.U.L.E. performing their Super Smash Battle skit at the Anime Boston 2014 Masquerade.

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