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  • FensFund Awards Lisa Fay 2nd Place in Literary Contest, Poetry Category

    Posted Saturday April 19 2014 at 3:23 pm.
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    The Fenway

    Fenway Education & Neighborhood Support Fund recently awarded longtime VSA friend and artist Lisa Fay 2nd place in the Poetry Category of it's Literary Contest.  The judges were: Charles Coe, published poet; Bennie DiNardo, Boston Globe Deputy Manager; and Cathy Jacobowitz, novelist and author.  Lisa submitted four poems which together were chosen as the 2nd place winner.  Here are the poems:

    Polish Horses
    The 55 bus shoots down Boston Common garage
    stopping at an intersection
    where the Polish horses stand:
    their necks bent
    and bodies fatigued.
    No monument can measure defeat..

    Whenever, I see them,
    both my back and mind straighten up.

    City officials evicted the horses,
    finding them depressing.
    I am depressed they're not there.

    Every statue cannot be comfortable
    like "Make Way for the Ducklings" -
    just compelling.

    Freedom is a millennium
    of microscopic impossibilities
    made possible
    when we look.

    Edna St. Vincent Millay
    Before there were porn sites,
    there was Edna
    sleeping with a phone book of people:
    a different person on every page,
    mixing the sexes as well
    as though they were clothes
    to be tossed aside
    or salads to be tossed around.
    No wonder it took her biographer
    30 years to complete the book.

    Living Room Poem
    While getting my hair cut on West Street,
    I look across the street,
    imaging Elizabeth Peabody parading around her living room
    teaching women German, French, Italian
    from books in her foreign lending library
    before colleges accepted women
    and free public libraries existed.
    There, Margaret Fuller started "Conversations"
    exalting women to believe and achieve.

    Nowadays, there is plastic in the living room
    as if it were a "Keep Off the Grass" for dogs.
    Even the plastic is dusted off.

    The Math of Marriage
    "You know enough people
    to run for President,"
    my friends tell me,
    "yet you can't help me
    find me a date, let alone marriage."

    "There's nothing wrong with you,"
    I tell them.
    "It's a numbers game,
    100 women to 1 man,"
    the only time I will ever
    sound like Einstein.

    "Opportunity will take you so far,
    if the numbers are not there,"
    I tell my friend who cries
    about being perennially single.

    "They live in cemeteries
    courtesy of war."

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