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    Meet the Teaching Artist - Szu-Chieh Yun

    Posted Sunday April 02 2017 at 2:07 pm.
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    Szu-Chieh Yun

    Artist Statement

    My current practice explores themes of migration, immigration and transformation with a focus on the Chinese diaspora.  As a first-generation Taiwanese-American, I am interested in the meeting of cultural identities.  Drawn from my personal experiences of crossing between distinct cultures and places, I create works in response to spaces I have traveled to, my surroundings, and in reflection of my own identity.

    Due to my experience of studying in Beijing, I became especially conscious of the boundaries of nationality and culture comprising Chinese identity.  In China, as an American of Chinese descent, I encountered being both an insider and outsider simultaneously.  Although I participate in Chinese culture my identity is only partially recognized as Chinese.

    I employ diverse methods of making by applying drawing, painting, digital photography, and sculpture.  I create spatial juxtapositions of different cultural scenes and objects to form tension and contrast thereby creating a third meaning.  My work aims to examine the effects of globalization in cultural blending, and the slipping away of cultural identity.  I am interested in dislocation between objects, people, and spaces.

    Essence Statement

    As someone who comes from a low-income immigrant family, I was fortunate to receive years of comprehensive education in visual art from Boston Arts Academy and Artists for Humanity.  This level of art education is often available exclusively to those students with the advantage of attending well-funded schools in affluent communities.  I believe the arts are a vital part of a balanced education.  It gives students tangible means to observe, evaluate, and create.  Through visual art, I gained the ability to realize, dismantle, and recreate my environment from my own perspective.  Students from all backgrounds deserve the opportunity to obtain critical insight to their surroundings and individuality.

    To view images of artwork and work with students visit my website.

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